My name is Kevin Farge. I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Texas in the United States. With my visual art, I try to create a language of graphical figures that I can juxtapose and repurpose to tell stories, taking inspiration from the untrained quality and mystic symbolism of abstract art, cave art, and children’s art. I place a primary emphasis on the graceful execution of lines. If I can create a figure with fewer lines, I will often do so, reducing the number of lines to a minimum. I usually only draw something if I can create it from memory or sketch it from life. I studied conservation biology in graduate school, and my love of nature informs my work.

My goal with my work is to create aesthetic spaces that harmonize and calm the mind, make people laugh, and reach to unknown places. Some visual artists whose works have inspired mine include Wassily Kandinsky, Devendra Banhart, Cy Twombly, Joan Miró, Walter Anderson, Helen Frankenthaler, Mark Rothko, the Chauvet Cave, Australian Aboriginal art, and the animator Hayao Miyazaki. My music and writing arise from similar desires as my visual art.

I am open to collaborations and commissions. If you have any ideas on how we could work together (or would just like to drop me a line) I would love to hear from you.